Selected Platforms

The following proposals were selected for funding:

Coordinating PI: Prof. Nicole Déglon (CHUV)

Title: Gene therapy platform for CNS and sensory organ pathologies


Coordinating PI: Prof. Wassim Raffoul (CHUV)

Title: Biological biodegradable and anti-bacterial burn-wound bandages


Coordinating PI: Prof. Frenz Martin (Unibe)

Title: Non-invasive multimodal high resolution optical acoustic imager for early hypoxia detection in neonatal brain


Coordinating PI: Prof. Nicola Low (Unibe)

Title: Rapid Diagnosis of Antibiotic Resistance in Gonorrhoea


Coordinating PI: Prof. Simon P. Hoerstrup (USZ)

Title: Engineered, Dynamically Evolving Living Tissues for Repairing the Child’s Heart


Coordinating PI: Prof. Douglas Hanahan (EPFL)

Title: Co-clinical trials multi-targeting oncogenic drivers, angiogenesis, and the tumor-promoting lymphatic microenvironment in melanoma