Frequently asked questions


The platform

What is a translational research platform?

Which types of intervention can be addressed with a platform?



Who can be an applicant?

Are all institutions of the ETH domain eligible for funding?

Can an institution be involved in more than one platform?

Can an individual be involved in more than one platform?

Can there be more than one applicant per University or per Institute in a given platform?



What is the role of industrial partners?

Can technical universities (Fachhochschulen), universities without medical schools (Universities of Fribourg, Lucerne, St. Gallen and Svizzera italiana) and institutions abroad participate?



How should a proposal be submitted?

What should be included in the ‘Summary of methods’ section?

What should be included in the appendix of the proposal?

To whom the letters of support of the rectors or presidents should be addressed?



What can be considered as matching funds?

Has the 1:1 ratio for matching funds to be achieved for the platform overall only, or also for each individual applicant?

Can collaborating academic institutions, which do not qualify as applicants, provide matching funds?

Can costs for workspace and IT infrastructure for new staff funded by SwissTransMed be listed as matching funds if these costs are covered by the institutions?

Is there a flat-rate for personnel and their workplace?

Can overheads be charged to SwissTransMed?