Each successful translational platform received contributions of up to 2 million CHF from SwissTransMed, for the period from autumn 2013 to summer 2017. These funds had to be matched at least 1:1 by participating institutions through in-kind contributions of basic or clinical research facilities and staff (technicians, physicians, PhD students and dedicated time of professors).

Funding should primarily support scientific staff (see above), and was dedicated to individual scientific projects conducted within the platform framework. Platform-related research projects were expected to be co-funded by additional grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation or other funders, including industry.

In addition, funding from SwissTransMed could also be used for costs of building and maintaining the platform infrastructure, including administration, and for services provided by Clinical Trial Units or their pediatric equivalent (“PedNet”). Furthermore, funds could be used for salaries for research administrators, for setting up of IT platforms, and for  other support functions such as technology transfer, quality assurance efforts, and monitoring and audits for clinical studies. Finally, training in translational research (e.g., summer schools or other postgraduate training; scientific symposia) could be supported by funds provided by the SwissTransMed Grants.